Answers To All Your Acroyoga Questions


Acro yoga has seen a dramatic rise in popularity, lately. this guide is for beginners who wish to step into the world of acroyoga. The discipline takes its name from yoga and acrobatics, the two elements that make the poses of it. Acro yoga also has parts of dance and massage in it. As per, acroyoga couples on Instagram are one of the reasons the discipline gained fame. The primer below answers some of the basic questions that come up with contemplating acro yoga.

What are the positions?
There are two positions in acro yoga, flyer and base. The base is the person who assumes the bottom position to act as a support for the flier. The flyer is the person on top who does all the balance and strength movements. A third person may be involved in acroyoga known as the spotter. It is the job of the spotter to catch the flyer when they get imbalanced or guide them in the correct pose.

Who should assume which position?
Though it is said anyone can be the base or flyer, it is recommended that the stronger or larger person be the base. This is especially important for beginners. A more powerful person will be able to provide the support needed by the flyer. For individuals who are naturally large, ensure that the base is sturdier than you.

What does a base or flyer need to have?
Most people assume to be a safe base ample muscle strength is essential. Strength is important when it comes to being a base in acro yoga, but the technique is even more vital. Physical strength is not the end all and is all of the bases. Bone-stacking is the method that needs to be learnt. For a flyer, while it is not essential to know yoga from beforehand it definitely helps. Flyers that are versed in yoga tend to progress faster than others. This does not mean a novitiate cannot be a flyer.
A recommendation is to learn a few basic poses this will make acro yoga easier. Some hand and leg positions are the best way to kick-start the journey.

Any tips for beginners?
People new to acro yoga wonder if they would make a good flyer or a good base. The trick is to go to a class near you. The trainer will be able to help you pick the right option. For those who lack a partner, worry not. Acro yoga classes will pair you up with someone. The only requirement a person should have is the comfort to allow a stranger to touch you.
At present, there are two styles of acro yoga, Montreal and US. The Montreal version of acro yoga is faster than the latter. Culture and dance have influenced it. In comparison, the US style of acro yoga is slower. It focuses on healing nature of yoga. Choose the style that suits the best. Give both of them a try, what seems like the better fit in first go might not actually be the final choice.

Bowflex Max Trainer Review-Does it Work?

Bowflex Max Trainer

For people who are tired of the treadmill workouts and are looking for something more dynamic and effective, Max Trainer is a great option to consider. The Bowflex Max Trainer is home-fitness equipment with a difference. Make sure that you check for bowflex max trainer reviews, to get a clear insight. It has been designed to give better results than a standard treadmill. So, it can offer comprehensive total body workouts that will accelerate calorie burning.

Does the Bowflex Max Trainer Work?

More Effective in Calorie Burning: The Bowflex Max Trainer attempts to combine the movements of a stair-stepper to offer low-impact workout experiences that will help you burn more calories. Studies show that it can help you burn calories to the extent of 2.5 times more than a regular treadmill can.

Multiple Resistance Levels: The Bowflex Max Trainer has many takers because it offers as many as 16 resistance levels that can help you vary your workout intensity. This is the best solution for avoiding what is called a weight loss plateau where a person stops shedding weight after the first few months. You can start with the relatively easier levels and then upgrade the intensity as you get better.

Upper Body Workouts: The aspect that makes the Max Trainer a good buy is it offers upper body workouts unlike most other cardio fitness machines. So, you can increase your arm strength as you do cardio workouts. The machine is also fitted with a heart rate monitor for users to view their heart rates as they exercise; there is no need for a chest strap for this.

Great Display: The Bowflex Max Trainer comes with a great display where users can conveniently view the calories burned, the distance covered and the speed. Is helps to sync this data with mobile apps.

Safe Workouts: Unlike other gym equipments, the chances of getting injured on the Max Trainer are very rare. The feet remain safely on the machine at all times and fluid movements are not hard on joints. Instead of running on a treadmill which may damage your knees or ankles, working out on the Max Trainer guarantees zero impact workouts.

Preset Workouts: You can find the manual exercise mode along with 8 preset workouts when you look at its backlit display screen. These include the Max Interval and Smart Max Interval, Fat Burn and Calorie Burn, Steady State, Calorie Goal, Fitness Test and Stairs. Data from two users can be saved on the machine for tracking their progress. Besides, the Max Trainer comes with a handy reading rack and a bottle holder for user comfort.
Guarantee: The best part about the machine is that it is protected by a 2-year warranty. You can return the product in 6 weeks and claim a full refund.
This shows that the Bowflex Max Trainer is a worthwhile investment for exercise enthusiasts, whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete. It is a zero-impact trainer which makes it safe for everyone. It is perhaps the best alternative to the standard treadmill. It allows for full-body workouts and comes with many interesting preset programs for the user.

Droopy Eyelids – Common Causes And Treatment

Droopy Eyelids

Ptosis or commonly called droopy eyelid. It is a condition where the upper eyelids drop down for some it is just cosmetic, but for others, it creates a problem with vision. It is mostly confused with swelling of cutis skin, says experts at The upper eyelid corner is lower than what it should be and is a combination of sagging and baggy eyelids.
This condition can happen at birth or as you age or due to injury to your eye or any medical disorder. The other important aspect to droopy eyelids is that they may not be permanent. In severe conditions, the vision is obstructed but can be treated. If left without treating this condition, apart from causing emotional trauma it can also turn to astigmatism, eye problems including headaches. So, it is necessary to get this treated in children as well as in adults.

Who is at the risk of getting droopy eyelids

The causes of this disease can be from medical reasons to natural aging process. Anybody can get this condition but is most common in elders as it is a natural process of aging. The levator muscle which is needed for holding the eyelid stretched as aging progress and leads to drooping eyelids. It is essential to note this condition can affect anybody irrespective of the age.
Some babies are born with this condition due to levator muscle being under developed; this can also turn into amblyopia which can lead to limited vision.


There are several reasons due to which drooping eyelids can happen, though the most common is due to aging or unhealthy lifestyle apart from congenital disabilities, injury or disorder in muscles.


Age is the most common cause of this disorder and can affect both eyes. The skin around the eye wrinkle and stretches the eye muscle. It can also happen due to fat deposits under the skin causing sagging lids.

Natural droopy eye:

That occurs in some newborn babies’ due to weak levator eye muscles. This muscle which helps to lift the eyelid is not strong enough to hold it upright and hence causes this condition. It can also lead to squinting eye among those kids if left untreated can result in a bad development of vision and astigmatism. Surgery is required for children where the pupil is completely covered by the eyelids.


Brain injuries or damage to the cranial nerve can also cause ptosis. The nerve connecting the muscles of eyelids are affected and hence causes this condition. The other neurological disorders that can be a cause is a stroke, diabetes or tumor in the brain.

Injury to eye

Droopy eyelids can be caused due to injury to the eye. The damage to the oculomotor nerve which connects to the levator muscle is the primary cause of dropping eyelids due to trauma or injury to the eye.


Treating this condition varies from home remedies to surgery. Some products can be applied to the eye which can help fix this issue. If it is lifestyle relates, then following a healthy diet can help. Surgery is an option for people whose eyelids cover the pupil and obstructs vision.