How Can You Benefit From Facelift Surgery?

Facelift Surgery

Your facial appearance and the overall personality speaks a lot about you. With time as you grow old, the charm and youthfulness also vanish slowly. More than its effect on other’s perspective, a dull and worn out look of your face adversely affect the way you judge yourself, and this brings down your self-esteem tremendously. Especially if you are in entertainment, modelling and such other glamourous industry, a faded look is just the end of your career. Thus, the only way to regain the confidence is to undergo a cosmetic makeover. One of the renowned name having a powerful clientele, Gangnam Laser Clinic offers various facial treatments.

Some of the benefits of facelift surgery are:
Lower face correction: As mentioned in the site with age the major impact of loosening skin and accumulation fatty tissues happens in and around the chin. As the skin descents, the jowl bones just behind the jawline becomes prominent. The facelift surgery involves releasing of mandibular retaining ligament into the skin, and the skin tissues are resuspended to tighten and smoothen the jawline.
Smile lines removed: As the cheek skins sags, the smile line as known as nasolabial line deepens up. Through micro fat grafting and stretching up the facial muscles, these smile lines lighten up to enhance your youthful look.
Sharpens up the neckline: Facelift procedure through various correction surgeries like fat removal, suspension of neck muscle, tightening the neck muscles by stitching them together through making a small incision under the chin area, sharpen the neck area.
Different types of facelift techniques opted for based upon the specific complaints of the patient, level of risk they are keen to take and the recovery downtime. Various options available are:

SMAS lift
This Involves repositioning of the musculoaponeurotic system, a layer around the facial expression muscle. The incision is made along the hairline to pull up the facial muscle and remove fatty tissues. Short scar lift.
These involve surgeon making incisions leaving abbreviated scars. There are two types of short scar lifts- S-shaped incision on the temple or front of the ear and MACS- minimal access cranial suspension lift, involving incision made at the earlobe.
Endoscopic facelift
In this procedure, a pencil-shaped instrument with an attached camera is inserted into the skin through 3 or 4 incisions. Done under the effect of intravenous anaesthesia, through getting images of the inner surface of the skin, corrective surgeries are done. This type of facelift is most beneficial for the cheek area.
Midface Lift
Through incisions made in the hairline and inside the mouth, excess fatty tissues are removed in and around the cheekbone. This procedure tightens up nose to mouth area.
Stem cell facelift
Usually a unique type of facelift surgery, this involves injecting of fat into the facial skin to add volume onto cheeks, under eye hollows, lips and other facial areas.
Thread or feather lift
These procedures use tiny suture barbs, which gathers the skin layer upward acting as hook a thereby tightening the skin without making an incision. This is a traditional way of a facelift, not very actively used now.

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