Droopy Eyelids – Common Causes And Treatment

Droopy Eyelids

Ptosis or commonly called droopy eyelid. It is a condition where the upper eyelids drop down for some it is just cosmetic, but for others, it creates a problem with vision. It is mostly confused with swelling of cutis skin, says experts at www.elleuk.com. The upper eyelid corner is lower than what it should be and is a combination of sagging and baggy eyelids.
This condition can happen at birth or as you age or due to injury to your eye or any medical disorder. The other important aspect to droopy eyelids is that they may not be permanent. In severe conditions, the vision is obstructed but can be treated. If left without treating this condition, apart from causing emotional trauma it can also turn to astigmatism, eye problems including headaches. So, it is necessary to get this treated in children as well as in adults.

Who is at the risk of getting droopy eyelids

The causes of this disease can be from medical reasons to natural aging process. Anybody can get this condition but is most common in elders as it is a natural process of aging. The levator muscle which is needed for holding the eyelid stretched as aging progress and leads to drooping eyelids. It is essential to note this condition can affect anybody irrespective of the age.
Some babies are born with this condition due to levator muscle being under developed; this can also turn into amblyopia which can lead to limited vision.


There are several reasons due to which drooping eyelids can happen, though the most common is due to aging or unhealthy lifestyle apart from congenital disabilities, injury or disorder in muscles.


Age is the most common cause of this disorder and can affect both eyes. The skin around the eye wrinkle and stretches the eye muscle. It can also happen due to fat deposits under the skin causing sagging lids.

Natural droopy eye:

That occurs in some newborn babies’ due to weak levator eye muscles. This muscle which helps to lift the eyelid is not strong enough to hold it upright and hence causes this condition. It can also lead to squinting eye among those kids if left untreated can result in a bad development of vision and astigmatism. Surgery is required for children where the pupil is completely covered by the eyelids.


Brain injuries or damage to the cranial nerve can also cause ptosis. The nerve connecting the muscles of eyelids are affected and hence causes this condition. The other neurological disorders that can be a cause is a stroke, diabetes or tumor in the brain.

Injury to eye

Droopy eyelids can be caused due to injury to the eye. The damage to the oculomotor nerve which connects to the levator muscle is the primary cause of dropping eyelids due to trauma or injury to the eye.


Treating this condition varies from home remedies to surgery. Some products can be applied to the eye which can help fix this issue. If it is lifestyle relates, then following a healthy diet can help. Surgery is an option for people whose eyelids cover the pupil and obstructs vision.